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Mounting Details

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  • 3M 467MP Adhesive (full back)
  • 3M 468MP Adhesive (full back)
  • 3M F9473PC Adhesive (full back)
  • 3M VHB Foam Strips (1" width)


  • PEM Studs (variable lengths - threaded)
  • Concealed (backside) welded aluminum, or copper plated steel studs (.125" or thicker metal) Variable lengths
  • Concealed (backside) drilled and tapped holes with threaded studs (.250" or thicker material)

Mounting Holes/Decorative Mounting Hardware

  • Drilled through holes (may also be threaded)
  • Drilled through holes with countersink
  • Decorative Aluminum Rosettes with expansion sleeves (.125" metal thickness or greater) Recommended for masonry, brick, or stone.
  • Decorative Aluminum Rosettes with toggle bolts (.125" metal thickness or greater) Recommended for drywall or cement blocks.