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234 Braille Sign

Deep etched zinc ADA interior signage. Multiple colors in etched background, featured using suede textured paints. Raised brushed silver tone metal border and copy with a protective matte clear coating. Tactile characters and Grade 2 Braille raised 1/32” with contrasting colors. Zinc signs are great for either indoor or outdoor applications. Tactile and Braille signs are custom designed to any shape and color.  All ADA guidelines and utilization Grade 2 Braille specifications are followed.

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Vivid manufactures custom ADA Braille signage utilizing deep etched zinc and photopolymer processes. This product line is distributed via our wholesale network of sign companies and resellers nationwide.

Chemically etched zinc ADA signs are a great fit and ideal for all interior and exterior ADA signage applications.  When durability is required to withstand outdoor elements be assured we have a solution that can meet your needs.  Zinc ADA signs are made of a solid one piece construction. The choice is yours, from a wide variety of raised metal surfaces beautifully finished in brushed silver and warm tinted metal tones.

Vivid's photopolymer ADA signs provide a cost effective, yet high quality way to comply with ADA requirements. Finished with all the same, high quality materials and processes as our etched zinc Braille plates, photopolymer ADA signs are a perfect solution when flexibility in materials and design are required.

Signage is also available in several different substrates from acrylics to aluminum. Whether it's an etched zinc sign or a photopolymer sign requirement, you can expect a finished product with elegance and beauty from Vivid Manufacturing.

Vivid signs are designed to meet ADA regulations and comply with regulations of the American Disabilities Act.  Our ADA signage systems are extremely compatible and frequently specified for resort and hotel signage projects, hospital sign systems, parking garage signs, school signage, elevator signs, and government building ADA signage projects.

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